Fundación MAPFRE 2015 Awards

Taking pride in our award winners

For yet another year, we have announced the Fundación MAPFRE 2015 Awards and would like to introduce you to the winners, all of them men, women and groups that strive to improve people's lives and do their bit to make the world a better place.

We thank them for dedication and commitment. 

Lifetime Achievement Award Jose Manuel Martínez Martínez

José Manuel Martínez Martínez Lifetime Achievement Award

In addition to her active participation in social and institutional events, Her Majesty, Queen Sofía has made an outstanding contribution to harmony, peaceful coexistence and democratic values and devoted herself tirelessly to improving the situations of those most in need through countless social and welfare activities, with a particular focus on the problems affecting women and children. In the international field she is also involved in several projects related to the development of rural women and business opportunities for the most disadvantaged sectors of society through microcredit loans. This award recognizes her immense personal merits and the example she has set through her service to the people of Spain.

Best Accident Prevention and Road Safety Initiative Award play

Best Accident Prevention and Road Safety Initiative Award

European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR), for its Don't forget seriously injured road traffic victims project.  

Since it was founded in 1991, the FEVR has worked ceaselessly to defend the rights of traffic accident victims and improve road safety. Its mission is to offer support and help to road crash victims by providing free emotional, practical and legal assistance, and to encourage public institutions and authorities to implement road safety measures. This award recognizes the Federation's past achievements as well as its most recent project, Don't forget seriously injured road traffic victims, which aims to extend the focus of prevention to include not only fatalities but also those who suffer serious injuries (spinal injuries, brain damage, leg fractures and amputations), often with very grave consequences. 

Best Health Promotion Initiative Award play

Best Health Promotion Initiative Award

Fundación Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger Foundation), for its project ANEMIA NO: Fighting anemia in Central Sierra, Peru

Anemia in children is a consequence of malnutrition which has a profound impact on the neural and cognitive development of newborns and infants under the age of 3, therefore perpetuating the cycle of poverty. The aim of this educational program is to improve the diet of the communities in Central Sierra, Peru, by training the women community leaders, developing local crops to achieve more nutritious varieties, and rediscovering pre-Columbian methods for preparing and preserving iron-rich foods. Five years of work have eradicated anemia in 7,792 children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, reducing the number of affected children in this age group from 74 percent to 62 percent.

Best Social Action Initiative Award play

Best Social Action Initiative Award

The Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (FPSC), for its Protection and humanitarian aid for disabled Syrian refugees in the Za'Atari (Jordan) refugee camp project.

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, FPSC has provided crucial humanitarian aid with the triple objective of saving lives, relieving suffering and safeguarding human dignity. FPSC is the only Spanish NGO working at the Za’Atari (Jordan) refugee camp. Since 2013 the organization has been running a clinic specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for disabled refugees, primarily helping children with cerebral palsy by offering them therapeutic and psychosocial support, medicine and technical aids (from sticks and crutches to wheelchairs and orthopedic devices). Since it was founded, FPSC has assisted 2,050 people, providing technical aids to 70 percent of them.

International Insurance Award Julio Castelo Matrán play

International Insurance Award (Julio Castelo Matrán)

Ohio Insurance Institute, for its novel insurance and employability initiative and its transferability to other countries and regions.

The Ohio Insurance Institute is a trade association of insurance and reinsurance companies with more than 40 U.S. and international members. This award recognizes its initiative to promote employment opportunities in the insurance industry through its website ( aimed at students, military veterans and professionals who want to refocus their careers. The initiative contributes to the perception of insurance as a generator of employment and can be easily transferred to other countries and regions. The association also promotes several areas of research and undertakes other initiatives to promote insurance education among the general public.