Are you a gamer? Get your driving license grant

Keep an eye out for our next call!

Win a grant to get your driving license! Win a grant to get your driving license!

The deadline to sign up for our call for grants to get your driving license has now passed, and we are grateful to everyone for their interest.

If you have signed up you will have received a message inviting you to register with Fundación MAPFRE's gamification platform.

Throughout November you will be able to carry out your route on our platform. As you advance you will gain points and reach milestones and if you are among the 15 highest ranking players and you fulfill all the requirements of the rules for the call for applications, you will get one of the grants!

A total of 15 grants will be given out, each with 500 € tax free, which can only be used to get your class B or higher driving license.

A large number of driving schools are collaborating in the program. To find out if yours is one of them, call 91 602 52 21. And don’t worry if your driving school is not part of the program! We’ll contact you and your driving school to get things moving in order to release your grant.