Are you a gamer? Get your driving license grant

The 2017 calls are finished. Stay tuned for 2018!

Win a grant to get your driving license! Win a grant to get your driving license!

If you’re interested in getting your driving license, this is your chance!

Fundación MAPFRE is offering grants of €500 tax-free for you to get a B class driving license or higher. Let us tell you how:

Between January and December 2018 (except for August) we will award grants. All you have to do is sign up after which you will receive a message inviting you to register on the platform and start the process. You will obtain points and achievements as you progress. The 5 top ranked people who fulfill the requirements of the legal terms and conditions will receive a grant straight away The other 15 grants will be raffled in the presence of a notary from among the remaining gamers who were in the top 100. Good luck everybody, let the competition begin!

A large number of driving schools are collaborating in the program. To find out if yours is one of them, call 91 602 52 21. And don’t worry if your driving school is not part of the program! We’ll contact you and your driving school to get things moving in order to release your grant.