Primitivo de Vega Research Grant

2018 call

Primitivo de Vega Research Grant Primitivo de Vega Research Grant

The Primitivo de Vega Research Grant has been awarded annually since 2007 in honor of Primitivo de Vega, who was chairman of MAPFRE ASISTENCIA and MAPFRE QUAVITAE until his death in 2006. In his last years, Primitivo de Vega devoted a great deal of attention to care for the elderly.

Call for Applications

Fundación MAPFRE awards the Primitivo de Vega Research Grant to provide financial support for a scientific project related to care for the elderly. The scope of the grant is international and the research projects submitted must relate to the following areas:

  • Instruments for classifying users and their level of dependence to establish consistent intervention teams or innovative measuring instruments in one of the following areas: functional, physical or psycho-social.
  • Awareness-raising and informative programs on care for the elderly, identification of high-risk populations and action on high-risk healthcare and/or social problems.
  • Programs to promote active aging, especially those that encourage healthy, safe and participative lifestyles for the elderly.
  • Technological innovations that promote the independence, management, supervision and guaranteed care of elderly people.

The grant does not cover pharmacological, biochemical or molecular research studies or those that already form part of another research project.

Applications and documentation

The registration deadline is 19 October 2018 (inclusive).

Registration should be done online according to the area of study and the documents specified in the rules must be attached.

The following template must be used to write the report outlining the project:


Grants will be for a maximum of 15,000 euros. The grant will be awarded to the senior researcher as the beneficiary or, at his/her request, to the institution to which he/she is affiliated where the research is being carried out, and may only be used for this purpose.

The grant will be awarded for one calendar year from the date of its acceptance and formalization.