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Tap your way through a huge array of knowledge in the widest collection of apps for your mobile device.

For children, there are games and books that teach them about road safety in an entertaining way. Meanwhile, adults can browse the Fundación MAPFRE library for interesting history books and download the Insurance Museum catalog.

TeCuento App

TeCuento App

This app enables children and adults to personalize their own stories in Spanish sign language in a simple and fun way. You can illustrate the tales with your own pictures and save them to be shown as many times as you like. Available on Android.

Drivemesafe app

Drive me safe app

Introducing our free app that stands in for you while you're driving. Avoid distractions at the wheel with this app, which sends messages to previously-selected numbers while you concentrate on your driving. Available from Google Play.

"Touch the Sign" app

Put this entertaining game on your mobile device to learn about the different types of traffic signs. First revise the different types of signs and then try to pass the fifteen levels in the game. Download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.

"Two by Two" app

Now you can play anywhere while learning about road safety. In the "Two by Two" game you'll learn about the importance of perception and paying attention to traffic. Pass the three game levels by matching traffic signs in the shortest time possible. Download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.

"In Your Hands" app

This app includes the "Two by Two" and "Touch the Sign" games as well as the "Safe Cycling" simulator. Before you start the simulator, try our games to make sure you know your traffic signs and how to obey the highway code. Available from the Apple Store.

"Bikes and Helmets" app

This app also includes the "Touch the Sign" and "Rompecabici" games, along with the Safe Cycling simulator, all available in Spanish, English and Catalan. Download it from the Apple Store.

Mario's Jungle eBook

Mario's Jungle e-book

With this interactive story you will enter a very special city, full of roaring animals with which you will learn to move around, following the rules like Mario. Available from Google Play.

The Crazy Wheels Gang eBook

The Crazy Wheels Gang e-book

Have fun with this e-book aimed at children and young people. You'll be entertained by the adventures of the three main characters who make up the Crazy Wheels Gang. Download it from the Apple Store.

The Twisted Sign eBook

The Twisted Sign e-book

If you're aged between 12 and 16, you'll love this eBook which relates the adventures of Sonia, a sixteen-year-old girl whose greatest wish is to get a moped for her birthday. Download it from the Apple Store.

Julia, Pato and the Spy eBook

Julia, Pato and the Spy e-book

With this e-book you'll learn about using the roads with Julia, a girl who knows all the road safety rules. One day, Julia takes her dog Pato to the park but a little adventure awaits them… You can download it from Google Play.