Juega Seguro

Juega Seguro Juega Seguro

Footballers, may suffer cardiac arrest with severe consequences if there no specialized medical attention is available. There are even cases of deaths from sudden heart failure that could have been avoided if action had been taken within the first few minutes.

Help us prevent sudden death on football fields. Download CPR11, an application which, using 11 basic steps, will guide you through how to respond during the first few minutes following a cardiac arrest.

Download it! You will be helping to save lives

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Leading figures from the world of football have been affected directly or indirectly by cardia-related incidents throughout their careers and they are helping us to spread the word about this campaign. Referees, footballers and coaches are all ambassadors for this campaign, which aims to prevent footballers dying or having to cope with a lifetime of serious consequences. Would you like to know who our ambassadors are? Click on each country and you will find all the information.

This free app has been developed by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with specialist doctors from FIFA F-MARC (Medical Assessment and Research Center) and the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence at the Ripoll y De Prado Sport Clinic, supported by SEMES (the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine).