Patient safety is in our hands

Preventing the risks associated with emergency healthcare

Patients’ safety is in our hands Patients’ safety is in our hands

Emergency healthcare services are one of the healthcare areas with the greatest risk of adverse events due to the high number of patients, the broad clinical complexity of their different pathologies and the particular working, professional and organizational characteristics of these services.

We are targeting healthcare professionals in order to reduce the risks associated with emergency healthcare and improve patient safety. This initiative was designed and instigated in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES).

The campaign focuses on the dissemination of 10 recommendations to be followed by healthcare professionals to avoid patients suffering from adverse events during emergency care related to the most common health risks identified in A&E departments, according to the bibliography and the surveys conducted by both SEMES and Fundación MAPFRE.

This campaign is aimed at raising healthcare professionals' awareness of the importance of adopting preventive measures that could reduce the incidence of adverse events in patients, in A&E departments in particular and in the healthcare sector in general; getting organizations and emergency healthcare professionals committed to improving Patient Safety; promoting safe clinical practices and providing up-to-date and practical material to help these professionals minimize risks during their care of patients.


Explanatory leaflet

Explanatory leaflet (PDF 856KB)

We also offer this guide with the 10 recommendations of the campaign, each of which is backed up by scientific data that endorse or strengthen the message.

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