Education at the core of community development in Tres Isletas

Comprehensive care for 25,000 people

Education at the core of community development in Tres Isletas Education at the core of community development in Tres Isletas

Thanks to the “Building a Community with Education and Health” project, which counts on support from Fundación MAPFRE, the Centro Comunitario Jesús María can provide nearly a third of the population of Tres Isletas with a healthy diet, health care, comprehensive education and access to employment.

The organization helps a total of 25,000 people living in the southeast of the city, in addition to others who reside in rural areas in the outskirts, and who, in many cases, do not have any education, are unemployed or are in low-skilled jobs.

Education is the core of this project, which offers training courses for teachers, in addition to training courses for the local population. A total of 1,450 children and adolescents and 180 young adults receive training. Among the courses offered are those for becoming an electrician, motorcycle mechanic, seamstress, cook, baker and courses in administration and communication.

The population can prepare its entry to the job market with these subjects. Additionally, sports and activities related to local customs promote the development of the younger population and improve their physical and artistic conditions.

Regarding health, this organization provides various services to the community of Tres Isletas, which is not reached by medical specialists. Services include: primary care, dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, a sonography service for preventing diseases and for attending to pregnant women, and first aid courses. Finally, in regard to nutrition, the community center currently serves 250 meals a day.

The Centro Comunitario Jesús María began in 1999, as an initiative of the nuns of Jesús María, in response to the needs of those who settled in the Barrio Alianza in Tres Isletas.