Socio-educational development of young children through sports in Brazil

3100 people participate in this project

3100 people participate in this project 3100 people participate in this project

The Fundación Fútbol Club Barcelona, which has been receiving support from Fundación MAPFRE since 2011 works on the socio-educational development of 3100 young children and trainers through sports in Brazil.

The project consists of applying the FutbolNet methodology in two Brazilian cities. This practice is based on sessions in which children and young people have the opportunity, through sport, to moderate their own behavior in an empowering experience where positive relationships are reinforced and where they live out the values inherent in playing sports.

FutbolNet consists of playing a game of football in three parts with three basic rules that have specific objectives in mind: there is no referee on the field which means that conflict resolution is encouraged among participants, the teams are mixed in terms of gender, disability, abilities, backgrounds, etc. and ensuring that everyone is involved helps foster social inclusion.

FutbolNet is conceived as a change agent, the idea is for the teacher to establish a trusted environment which enables each student to be themselves and to voice their concerns.

The Fundación FC Barcelona has been working since 1994 on the basis of their experience in sports and the values they have learned. It promotes a course of action focused on conveying positive values to children and adolescents through harnessing the practice of sports as a way of promoting healthy and stable development.