Psycho-pedagogic and emotional care for children in situations of vulnerability, and their families, in Quito

300 people benefit from this project

Children in situations of vulnerability Children in situations of vulnerability

The Fundación Sembrar and CESAL are working to develop child day care centers in the barrios of Pisullí y Roldós, in Quito, Ecuador.

The main objective of these centers is to provide comprehensive support (through psycho-pedagogic and emotional care) to vulnerable children from 1 to 5 years of age.

Fundación MAFRE collaborates with this project, which looks after the children while their parents work, or while they carry out activities which may compromise the safety of the children.

 Additionally, complementary activities related to nutrition, environmental education and the support and training of the parents are offered.

This collaborative effort benefits 308 people, divided into direct beneficiaries (161 children,) 5 mother educators, 1 early childhood educator and 141 parents.

CESAL is an NGO which has been involved in international cooperation since 1988. Currently it is present in 12 countries of Latin American and Africa, carrying out projects related to education, health, housing, water and sanitation, productive development, small businesses, and training for employment and the strengthening of civil society.