Working towards self-sufficiency among the young people of Honduras

229 people benefit from this project

Working towards  self-sufficiency among the young people of Honduras Working towards  self-sufficiency among the young people of Honduras play

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Honduras, in collaboration with Fundacion MAPFRE, is developing the “Youth Initiative for the Promotion of Self-sufficiency” project in Choluteca, La Ceiba, Santa Rosa de Copan, Tegucigalpa and Tela (Honduras).

The project’s aim is to facilitate the transition processes which lead towards self-sufficiency, by promoting the active participation of each of the young people in making their life plans so that these reflect their particular needs and interests.   

The initiative, which offers support based on respect and freedom, is a five-year process involving the participation of a youth counselor who develops and monitors all actions. The process is based on four phases:

  • Alliances: focusing on the specific needs of the group, the youth counselor maps out the area to identify and learn of possible alliances of the Foundation in the vicinity.
  • Strengthening:   Individual training processes based on personal growth, the family and the community, health, nutrition and self-care, education and training,   Information and Communications technology, and business ventures. 
  • Train yourself: the cooperation agreements established in the Alliance phase translate into opportunities for young people who wish to carry out work training.
  • Employ yourself: At the final stage of the hiring process, the youth counselor mediates on behalf of the young interns who must be at least 18 years old, in accordance with labor legislation.
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