Accompanying a generation in Oaxaca

Educational support to 200 children

Accompanying a generation in Oaxaca Accompanying a generation in Oaxaca

The CESAL organization, with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, is carrying out the “Accompanying a generation” project which offers support to 200 boys, girls and adolescents, as well as 100 mothers, fathers and guardians from the Monte Alban community in the city of Oaxaca.

The project aims to strengthen the educational program of the Maria de Guadalupe Center in this poor community. The main objective of the initiative is to reduce school dropout in childhood and youth, allowing these young people to obtain better opportunities than those found in their social environment.

The project consists of three main components. The first is educational accompaniment, through cognitive stimulation of abilities and skills from an early age in an effort to improve the students’ academic level. The second is personal growth, so that these children and young people strengthen their emotional skills and therefore reduce their vulnerability to falling into dangerous behaviors such as addictions, violence or delinquency. The third is family accompaniment, which allows the family to actively participate in the educational process, thus achieving a significant and permanent impact.

The CESAL NGO has been involved in international cooperation since 1988 and currently is present in 12 countries in Latin American and Africa. Its programs focus on education, health, living conditions, water and sanitation projects as well as productive development, micro-business, job training and the strengthening of civil society.