Personalized education for children of limited resources being treated for cancer

100 people benefit from this project

Red Nose School” project Red Nose School” project

The “Red Nose School for children with cancer” project, carried out by the Campeones de vida NR A.C association, and with the support of Fundación MAPFRE for the last 5 years, offers care to 100 people in Jalisco, Mexico. 

The school offers free, quality education to children and young people with cancer or blood-related diseases and limited resources. The initiative provides educational support from primary to high school students.

The project arose in response to the high percentage of school dropout among patients with cancer, due to the difficulty of the treatments, the handicaps and injuries, and the bullying or serious academic falling behind resulting from the length of treatments.

 Red Nose School offers a model of personalized education  in which 50  face-to-face patients and 50 distance learning patients with cancer are brought up to the educational standard at their level, in an atmosphere which understands the illness and its specific needs.

The objective is that the children and young people can later enter the traditional educational system.

The Campeones de vida NR A.C Association (Nariz Roja) started in the summer of 2009 after perceiving the need for increased support of children and young people with cancer. The project offers free services of temporary housing, and a community canteen for patients and their families.