Investing in the future of Puebla

A program to prepare the local leaders of the future

Investing in the future of Puebla Investing in the future of Puebla

The UPAEP is carrying out, with the support of Fundacion MAPFRE, the “An investment in the future” project in Puebla, a Mexican state in which six out of ten people live below the poverty line and where eight of the ten poorest municipalities in the country are located. Here, where very basic infrastructures are lacking, the project promotes rural development by educating young people of college age.

In total, 80 young people benefit directly from the project that is developed in three different ways: 53 of them are part of a comprehensive academic program, 15 receive superior vocational training, and 12 participate in a pilot project aimed at inserting them into the labor market. This way, they can transfer their acquired knowledge to the local businesses of Puebla.

The support to these 80 students is in the form of a full scholarship that covers tuition fees for the academic programs as well as maintenance and financing necessary to develop the projects with local businesses. In this case, the partnership with organizations and businesses in rural society is fundamental for achieving a higher degree of professionalization, but also for training committed leaders who will become agents of change in their communities.

The Popular Autonomous State University of Puebla (UPAEP) was founded in 1973 and has as its motto: “Culture at the service of Puebla.” Presently more than 12,000 students study in its classrooms.