MAPFRE’s Community (Mexico) has been active for a year

MAPFRE’s Community (Mexico) has been active for a year MAPFRE’s Community (Mexico) has been active for a year

MAPFRE’s Community (Mexico) has just reached its first year of activity. The center, which offers services and support to people who need it, opened its doors in May 2015 as the result of the collaboration between Fundacion MAPFRE and the Universidad Panamericana. Since then, many families have enjoyed the services and activities seeing how their daily lives have substantially improved.

This first year of life of the MAPFRE’s Community has been marked by an intense work in all areas of activity. The center is operating at its full capacity, allowing this for it to give coverage to thousands of beneficiaries.

Among the infrastructures and facilities offered by the center to the community, we must highlight the soul kitchen from Santa Maria, the ENCAMINO Clinic Health, a legal department and a club for development activities. In addition to this, MAPFRE’s Community counts with a large group of volunteers, from MAPFRE and from the Universidad Panamericana, who pay attention to the needs of the people who come to the center, offering them help and assistance.

The soul kitchen of Santa María daily feeds more than 200 children to ensure their growth. In general, these are children from families with limited resources that need a boost in their nutrition. Moreover, the soul kitchen is responsible for feeding other risk groups: pregnant women, in order to protect their processes of gestation. The health and legal services, free of charge, are other benefits that are proving very beneficial for the neighbours.