Amazonic youth promotes a film club in the jungle

Amazonic youth promotes a film club in the jungle Amazonic youth promotes a film club in the jungle

An indigenous community belonging to the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve (called Solimões Village, four hours by boat from Santarém) is the stage where the film club sessions take place in the middle of the jungle promoted by the theater group Solimões in Action – GRUTESA. This is the youth project “Community Films” launched by the NGO Health and Happiness Project (PSA), which addresses issues related to the rights of children and adolescents.

The idea came from the need of young people to find new opportunities for leisure, entertainment and knowledge in their own land. They have received stop motion and mobile video workshops, an animation technique using the camera, as well as reproductions of short films produced by them in the PSA Mocorongo Cinema. Moreover, young people have implemented some of the actions of the film club in the village as a way to involve the whole community, especially the youth from the riverside.

Recently, the youth from Solimões has been given a training in this area and was able to learn the language used in films. This learning goes from the origin and evolution of world’s cinema to preparing the complete schedule of a film club with chats at the end of the event, disseminations, technical equipment, copyrights and postproduction. For the deputy coordinator of GRUTESA, Edilson Ray, aged 17, the film club of the village has awakened interest and motivation in him and other young people to seek new knowledge through films.

In this workshop, the youth of this project and the team of PSA made experimental films ​​in the external area of the school. In addition to the exhibition, they discussed   the featured film, its content and main elements, such as photography, soundtrack and staging. On this special occasion, a computer, a canvas projector and a pendrive were given to the youth group, budgeted in the youth project, in order to use them as basic tools to perform activities in the film clubs in the village and other communities .

In July, thanks to the support of local leaders and the school Nossa Senhora das Graças, the riverside youth taking part in the film club promoted in the external areas of the school three major exhibitions of films on the rights of children and youth, including the indigenous culture. The aim of the film clubs’ meetings in the community is to encourage children, youth and adults to have a closer contact with the playful world of cinema to awaken a critical reflection in them that gives them the opportunity to learn, participate and make movies in a collective way.

These young cumaruaras, through these actions, begin to make small changes, which are reflected in the shining eyes of the children attending the silent films of Charlie Chaplin and in the feelings of someone who has lived an experienced life as it is the case of the Village Pajé, Mrs. Maria Suzete, aged 78, that highlights that the film club “is a door that opens the passion for cinema. I had never seen a film club and now I feel much admiration. I hope it stays in the village and that we take advantage of it.”