Changing lives with prostheses

The Jesús María Community Center, in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE, offers health care to people with serious mobility problems

Changing lives with prostheses Changing lives with prostheses

Just like any other 6-year-old boy, Fernando thinks playing ball is fun. The difference though, is that he describes this as his greatest wish. Fernando lost both arms and legs a few years ago as a consequence of a disease. Nevertheless, his inborn cheerfulness is contagious and even more so, when he learns that, thanks to the Orthopedic campaign the Jesús María Community Center is carrying out, with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, his dream is about to become a reality. The prostheses that will be implanted involve long, hard rehabilitation sessions, but there is no doubt that with Fernando’s boundless energy, this process will become a game. A child’s game, which in this case, could not be more serious, and overall, admirable.

During his first visit at the center, Fernando meets other patients. Many of them are going to their scheduled maintenance appointments. That’s the case of Señor Benítez, who arrives on his bicycle, or Señor Juan, who admits he broke the base of his foot prosthesis as a result of too much going up and down stairs, in his job as a builder.

The opportunity that the Community Center’s Orthopedic campaign affords, combined with its ability to overcome difficulties, makes it the perfect combination allow not only these three patients, but many others who come from different areas of the Chaco province, to lead a normal life, something they thought they would never have again.

The Jesús María Community Center has been providing the community of Barrio Alianza and the surrounding area, with the basic needs of education, nutrition and health, since 1999.