Technical visit to the Saúde e Alegria Project

Technical visit to the Saúde e Alegria Project Technical visit to the Saúde e Alegria Project

One of the measures planned for monitoring and evaluating the projects supported in Brazil in 2015 are the technical visits to the various entities.

Between June 17th and 18th, Fundación MAPFRE, represented by Eloa Corsatto, visited the city of Santarem-Pará to supervise the activities of the Saúde e Alegria Project of the CEAPS-Advanced Studies Center for Social and Environmental Promotion.

In a journey in which sailing for six hours through the Tapajos River was necessary, the project team, the youth and Fundación MAPFRE’s representative Eloa Corsatto arrived to the communities of Pedra Branca and Solimões, both located in reserves in the middle of the Amazon jungle. These are isolated regions that have been characterized by the absence of infrastructure, electricity, health services and sanitation.

During the visit, Fundación MAPFRE was able to see up close the way they work and the methodology used by the institution for the development of the project. Socioeducational workshops that address issues related to health, the rights of children and youth in the bank, culture and sports take place in the areas of public schools of these communities. The project also conducts training for young people who become articulators with the government and the local community leaders to improve the conditions and quality of life of coastal communities. The project team and the locals emphasized the importance of the support from FUNDACION MAPFRE to this initiative.

The visit is part of the project monitoring and evaluation plan supported by Fundación MAPFRE in Brazil.