Opportunities to develop talent in teenage mothers

Helping 25 mothers and their babies continue with their life plans

Opportunities to develop talent in teenage mothers Opportunities to develop talent in teenage mothers

The Voces Vitales de Panama association carries out with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, the “Las Claras, unlocking the potential of teenage mothers” project which creates opportunities so that 25 mothers have no obstacles when it comes time to develop their personal and professional talent. This initiative will help them find means of living and raising their families.

The aim of the project is to recover the life plans of young women and promote their health, help them accept their status as mothers and strengthen the bond with their children. The center staff works on the mother-child relationship in addition to emphasizing the correct physical, motor, cognitive and social development of the babies. The beneficiaries have access to gynecology, pediatrics, sexual health and reproductive rights medical services.

This program has a psychosocial section of individual or group therapies in which the areas of social skills, attachment and stimulation are addressed, in addition to promoting the meeting of partners and home visits. In the area of education, these women can pursue a bachelor of commerce degree with particular emphasis on accounting and computer science.

The Voces Vitales de Panama is an association promoting the participation of women, and pushing for the advancement of their education, health, and access to equal opportunities, to achieve a profound social transformation. Since it began, the association has enabled more than 7,000 women.