Scholarships for students of limited means in Lima

A total of 32 young people benefit from this educational assistance

Scholarships for students of limited means in Lima Scholarships for students of limited means in Lima

Da un Chance carries out, with the backing of Fundación MAPFRE, a scholarship program which offers 32 students with talent and potential, but of limited financial means, the opportunity to study in dynamic schools which activate this potential.

The student support comes by way of scholarships which cover annual school registration, monthly boarding fees, books, uniforms, health insurance and extracurricular activities. In addition, this initiative carries out one major activity each year for all the beneficiaries, which is focused on the development of social skills such as leadership or team work.

Additionally, the program holds workshops for the fathers and mothers of the beneficiaries, in which the aim is to develop knowledge and skills for supporting their children in academic, social and emotional areas. The student’s development is carefully monitored, evaluating not only academic results but also social development.

Da un Chance is a non-profit association founded in June 2011 which seeks to create agents of change in society, providing the opportunity of a better education to young people with talent, to generate positive and sustainable social growth.