Improving parenting skills in Lima

Aiming to reinforce the active role of parents in the education of children in their care

Improving parenting skills in Lima Improving parenting skills in Lima

The “Seeds, learning within the family” project, which the Asociación de Hogares Nuevo Futuro Perú is carrying out with the collaboration of Fundación MAPFRE, is working with 767 mothers and fathers of children between two and five years old in the educational centers of Corazon de Jesús, Juan Pablo II, and SET—Pronoei Cariñositos, located in the district of Chorrillos, in the south of Lima.

This initiative came about as a response to the situation the Association encountered after it had been involved in different educational centers in the area for four years. After this work had been carried out, a lack of commitment was seen on the part of the parents and guardians of the children. Hence, the wish now is to influence the parents so that they may understand the central role they play in the lives of their children.

The main aim of this project is to improve the internal family dynamic of the beneficiaries, who find themselves in situations of vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion, and to strengthen the role of educational community. Ultimately, it is about guaranteeing the basic right of boys and girls to live in healthy family and educational environments, through the improvement and strengthening of the active roles of fathers, mothers and teachers as trainers, family advocates and agents of change.

The Asociación de Hogares Nuevo Futuro Perú has been working for more than 20 years to prevent child abandonment and to establish residential care centers which provide support to the youngsters, with or without disabilities, who are going through a situation of abandonment. The Association works on caring for them and seeing to their psychological and affective needs.