Supplying food for underprivileged families in Portugal

6,600 people receive food

6,600 people receive food 6,600 people receive food

The RE-FOOD movement works with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, to ensure that vulnerable people have access to basic foodstuffs. More than 6,600 people benefit from this project.

RE-FOOD's work consists of recovering food in perfect condition (which would otherwise have been thrown away), packaging it up and distributing it to those who need it.

This work is carried out locally, in small towns, The movement's growth has come about organically through similar actions taking place in other areas.

The beneficiaries are elderly people who receive very small pensions which do not cover their rent, water, electricity and food. These are people living in acute poverty and although they have not had problems before, a lack of employment and income means they do not have enough to maintain their families, young people. All the beneficiaries do not have enough income to be able to provide their families with basic foodstuffs.

Re-food is an independent, citizen driven, eco-humanitarian, 100% volunteer community movement working to rescue food in good condition in order to feed people in need. The ultimate goal of this organization is to get the message across that food is a valuable item that must not be wasted.