Two homes in El Salvador, two opportunities for a future

Comprehensive care for 22 children, young people and people with disabilities

Two homes in El Salvador, two opportunities for a future Two homes in El Salvador, two opportunities for a future

The “Centros de Acogimiento Institucional” project consists of two programs carried out simultaneously, both focused on two vulnerable groups of people: those with serious disabilities and other syndromes, and HIV-positive children and adolescents.

Fundación MAPFRE actively collaborates with Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz, which has been working in El Salvador for more than 14 years on the integration into society of the most vulnerable social groups. This collaboration allows it to offer personalized comprehensive attention to 22 children, young people, and people with disabilities through two centers.

The first of these, the Hogar Reina Sofia, offers a specialized program focused on children and adolescents with HIV and seeks to restore and, above all, ensure their rights. It is the first center in the country that offers this highly specialized program and has the support of the Centro de Excelencia para Niños con Inmunodeficiencia (CENID), which is responsible for the training of staff dedicated to assist them.

The other center, the Hogar Mensajeros de La Paz, offers comprehensive care to people with serious disabilities and other syndromes who have been abandoned. They benefit from the healthy diet, health care, special education, occupational therapy, leisure and culture, housing and clothing which the organization offers. The two centers provide real support to help these people overcome their circumstances and integrate them once again into the society to which they belong.