Prevention of drowning at swimming pools and beaches

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Guide to enjoying the water in safety Guide to enjoying the water in safety

Once summer is here, we spend a lot of our spare time having fun and cooling off in the water. However, in order to enjoy it safely we need to maximize precautions, as drowning is one of the 10 main causes of death in children and young people worldwide, with a truly shocking number of fatal victims, exceeding 370,000 deaths every year.

Fundación MAPFRE aims to help prevent these accidents.This is the reason we have produced the Rapid Guide: “This summer, enjoy water-based activities safely”, which sets out the main recommendations for preventing accidents and drownings. There is also a four-fold leaflet which covers the steps to follow in the event of finding yourself in a life-threatening situation through drowning.

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Over the last decade, nearly 4,800 people have lost their lives through drowning, a figure which has decreased by 12 percent over the last five years and demonstrates that, on average, approximately 480 people die each year from this cause. Of the total number of fatalities, 1,800 lost their lives in swimming pools and natural areas.

The profile of those at greatest risk remains constant each year. Drownings mainly affect those over 60 years of age (in 40 percent of cases) and to a lesser extent those in the youngest age group (8.5 percent of cases). It is worth pointing out, however, that fatalities have increased by 15 percent in the under-15 age bracket over the last five years.

This year sees the start of the third consecutive Fundación MAPFRE campaign, "Prevención de Ahogamientos 2017", in collaboration with Banda Azul (Blue Flag) ADEAC, the aim of which is to advise people on the main ways to avoid accidents in and around the water and to provide guidelines on how to act in an emergency situation.

Throughout this summer, we have visited 72 beaches, where the main risk factors was explained and well as some basic concepts of how to react in the event of a drowning. Enjoy safety...

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Beach Poster Beach Poster

Beach Poster (PDF 2 MB)

Keep this poster to hand and it will remind you how to behave and enjoy the beach and the sea in safety. Have fun in the water without endangering your life.

Swimming Pool Poster Swimming Pool Poster

Swimming Pool Poster (PDF 3 MB)

Many accidents ocurring in swimming pools happen because basic precautions were not taken. Follow these tips and you can enjoy the water without any problems.

Guide to enjoying the water in safety Guide to enjoying the water in safety

Guide to enjoying the water in safety

In the guide This summer, enjoy aquatic facilities in safety you will find recommendations on preventing accidents and drownings. Make sure you avoid any nasty shocks this summer.