Road Safety in Companies

Road Safety in Companies Road Safety in Companies

Approximately 11 percent of fatal traffic accidents in Spain occur on work-related journeys (including commuting) and it is estimated that one in seven employees will be affected by a work-related road accident at some point during their working lives.

Faced with these figures, we thought it necessary to raise companies' awareness of the need to prevent occupational risks and improve road safety for their employees. This is why we have launched the website on which we offer all the information, reports and resources needed to help companies take action in this area.

It is important for those of you who are business owners and managers to be aware of the existence of traffic risks and take measures to prevent them. The introduction of a “Plan for safe and sustainable mobility” which assesses risks in the company and proposes measures to minimize them will provide immediate benefits for all. On the one hand, showing staff that the company is concerned for their safety will foster a better attitude and commitment to their work. On the other there are significant benefits in the form of cost savings, increased productive hours and an improved working climate and staff motivation.

Fundación MAPFRE provides courses for employees about risk factors and all the information (news items, seminars, examples of best practices, videos, research projects, etc.) related to road safety to keep prevention specialists, company managers and employees up-to-date with any relevant developments.

Act now. Visit the website, train your employees and put your plan for safe mobility into action. The safety of your employees will improve your company's performance.