Your are not alone on the road

Goal Zero: speed Goal Zero: speed

Speeding always has a magnifying effect in a traffic accident, making the consequences of an accident 60 percent worse. A report by the WHO has established that at over 80 km/h, it is virtually impossible for a pedestrian to survive being hit by a vehicle.

We have heard these messages endless times and we are aware that speed kills, and yet the number of speed-related accidents continues to rise. The message we are trying to get across with this campaign is that driving safely means obeying the established speed limits, controlling the accelerator and adjusting your speed in line with the type of road and the weather conditions.

Goal Zero speed

Obeying the legal speed limit could avoid a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents. Speed needs to be adjusted to to the prevailing conditions at any given time, always remembering that there are generic and specific speed limits. In reality, the safest and most appropriate speed depends on many factors: traffic conditions, your car, the weather - although let's not also forget that going extremely slowly can also be very dangerous and, in some cases, illegal.

Some countries believe that the best option is to set a maximum speed limit although there are others, with a higher speed limit, where fewer accidents take place.

This would indicate that the important thing is to obey the maximum speed limit for each and every road while following the established driving regulations.

There are factors that have a direct impact on speed-related accident statistics, such as the driver's age, the type of journey and familiarity with the road, but controlling speed affects us all. We are not alone on the road and one driver's mistake could prove to have fatal consequences for the occupants of other vehicles. We cannot predict how others will behave, but we can keep control of our own vehicle and the speed at which we drive to ensure that we react to risky situations in a timely way.

The best road safety measure is you. Would you like to help us achieve GOAL ZERO or would you prefer to continue speeding?