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We support the use of bicycles and, through all of our content related to this means of transport, we want to help you be a good rider and to know both the necessary safety measures for riding and also good practices and mobility policies applicable to cyclists.

Institutions are increasingly opting for sustainable mobility and little by little infrastructures are being introduced into cities such as dedicated cycle lanes and parking lots for bicycles to encourage using of this mode of transport. In spite of this, cities are still planned mainly for the circulation of cars and so the significant rise in bicycle use over recent years has generated the need to regulate their circulation and create responsible driving habits in drivers through raising awareness and providing information.

Coexistence between different modes of transport can only be achieved through all road users showing respect and awareness. This can only be achieved by putting yourself in the other's place. Putting this into practice is the only thing necessary to know what the risks are and how to behave in order to guarantee mutual safety at all times. This respect must be reciprocal. It is vital for us all to commit ourselves to road safety and to put into practice responsible and safe behavior.

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If you have a bicycle and would like to become a better cyclist, learn more from our articles on this subject. All of the material we have produced is at your disposal to help you enjoy your bike without putting your safety at risk.