Safe Young Drivers

Do you know what gaming is? A way to learn to drive responsibly

Safe Young Drivers Safe Young Drivers

Road accidents are one of the main causes of death in young people aged 15 to 29. Some of the main reasons for these accidents include distractions, going too fast, not obeying road signs and consuming alcohol and/or drugs. All of this can be avoided by having the right information and the correct attitude.

We want to help you identify these risks and become a safer driver. Consequently we started this project in 2011 in collaboration with Spain's leading driving schools. Since then, thousands of young people have taken our courses and learned to become good drivers. Take advantage of this opportunity yourself and become a safe driving 'gamer' to win a grant towards getting your driving license.

Once we launch the call all you need to do is register. You will receive a message inviting you to sign up with the platform and begin your route. The 15 top ranked people who fulfill the requirements of the legal terms and conditions will receive a grant straight away. Good luck to everyone! Let's start the challenge!


The best way to become a safe driver is to understand the risks you are going to face and how to overcome them. To achieve this, we offer an online course through which you can improve your road safety knowledge. If you finish among the first 15 you will receive one of the 500 euros tax-free grants we are offering in order to get your category B or higher driver's license.

Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol and Drugs

Unit 1: Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs affect driving from the very first drink or drug you take; even cigarettes or prescription medication can be your enemy if you need to drive. In this topic we cover the effects and the dangers involved.

Attention and distractions Attention and distractions

Unit 2: Attention and distractions

Driving a vehicle requires your total concentration on the road. Changing radio stations, using a mobile phone or drinking water can break your concentration and cause an accident. Access our course on how to become a good driver.

Respecting traffic regulations Respecting traffic regulations

Unit 3: Respecting traffic regulations

Traffic regulations are not just made up on a whim to annoy drivers. Can you imagine what would happen if every driver did exactly what they wanted? It is important to understand that rules are there to be followed, whether you agree with them or not.

Stress, drowsiness and fatigue Stress, drowsiness and fatigue

Unit 4: Stress, drowsiness and fatigue

Driving when rested and calm is the best way to avoid accidents. In this section we will teach you how to avoid the dangers of drowsiness, fatigue and stress to make you a safer driver.

Technology applied to safety Technology applied to safety

Unit 5: Technology applied to safety

New electronic systems help to make driving safer, but many of them are cloaked in incomprehensible names and acronyms and not all of them are equally effective. This section will help you to learn about these new systems.