Motorcyclists and Road Safety

Never drop your guard

Never drop your guard Never drop your guard

When you are riding a motorcycle your body is completely exposed to danger. Nothing protects you. If you fall off, it is your body that takes —and breaks—the impact. The risk of dying in a traffic accident is 17 times more likely on a motorcycle than in a car.

This means that when it comes to riding a motorcycle, you can never afford to drop your guard. Always be aware of the vehicles around you so that you can react in time in any situation of risk. Obeying the speed limits and maintaining an appropriate speed will help you keep the motorcycle under control. Assess your physical condition, avoid getting tired and always take into account external conditions such as weather conditions that could endanger your safety.

Fundación MAPFRE provides you with essential information that will help you ride safely, carry the right equipment and be up-to-date with the latest developments regarding road safety.

Our objective is to prevent more motorcyclists dying on the roads. Our objective is to save your life.

Help us to achieve Goal Zero.


Advice Advice


Have you ever been involved in some kind of mishap and asked yourself how you could have avoided it? Here we offer you "a second chance" so that we can all benefit from other people's experiences as a lesson, so that in a similar situation you will know how to avoid any nasty surprises or an accident. We also provide you with tips on safe driving and motorcycle maintenance.

The world of the motorcycle The world of the motorcycle

The world of the motorcycle

The way you experience the world is very different as a motorcyclist. Here we are going to bring you up-to-date with anecdotes, news and all kinds of information you might find of interest, so that your motorcycling experience is not only rewarding but safe.

Equipment Equipment


Regardless of your style or the motorcycle you ride, when on a motorcycle, moped or scooter everyone must be equally well protected. Remember that when you are on your motorbike you form part of the vehicle's bodywork, and you will take the full impact in the event of a fall. Protect yourself. Here we tell you how.