Work-Related Road Safety

At the International PRAISE Seminar we sought to identify, evaluate and prevent work-related road safety risks

The International PRAISE Conference: Identifying, assessing and preventing work-related road safety risks The International PRAISE Conference: Identifying, assessing and preventing work-related road safety risks

There were more than 69,000 work-related road traffic accidents in Spain in 2017, both on the way to work or while at work". With these figures, INSST's general manager Francisco Javier Pinilla highlighted a problem that accounts for a third of all work-related fatal accidents in Spain and which was the topic of analysis at the PRAISE Seminars which took place in Oviedo and Madrid.

Over the course of two days, Spanish and international road safety experts identified the factors which enable companies to identify work-related road safety risks, to evaluate them and to establish better ways of preventing them. In addition, they analyzed best practices which should be put in place to ensure that all company members are aware of the risks and to adopt the right behavior to improve their safety.

The seminar also highlighted the importance of promoting a road safety culture in companies. Only 24% of Spanish companies have a mobility plan and only 87% of these companies have actually implemented it. This means that only 20.5% of companies are following such a plan and 79.5% do not even have one.

Faced with this "harsh reality", as expressed by the general manager of Fundación MAPFRE, Julio Domingo, we have to act. European institutions, EU countries, civil society, companies and users must all share the responsibility. At Fundación MAPFRE we will continue working to raise awareness in companies in order for them to develop plans which analyze employee mobility and road safety.

The PRAISE project “Road traffic accident and injury prevention and improved employee safety” will deal with work-related risks on the road. It is coordinated by the European Transport Safety Council, ETSC and is co-financed by the European Commission and is currently being supported by Fundación MAPFRE, Dräger Foundation, the German Road Safety Council (DvR) and Mix Telematics. This project seeks to recognize best practices in order to help companies and all manner of organizations raise their road safety requirements and prevent injuries to their employees.

Madrid: Paseo de Recoletos , 23 28004 MADRID, Spain.
Oviedo: Avda. Cristo de las Cadenas, 107 33006 OVIEDO, Asturias.

From 8.30am to 2.30pm