Miró & Music

A journey to the musical universe music of Miró

A journey to the musical universe music of Miró A journey to the musical universe music of Miró

“When you see a painting by Miró you always hear contemporary music.”

Joan Miró believed a synergy existed between a musical note and a brushstroke in a painting, and he always placed his art and his palette at the service of his musical visions.

The painter understood music as inspiration, as ceremony, as a way to express ideas and feelings. And he let his muse soar without limits, including in his passion recordings of birds and insects, traditional African and Asian music, MozartBach and all the other masters.

Classical music, jazz, flamenco, gospel and the numerous collaborations with composers such as  VarèseAntheilStockhausenCage and others, as well as his Barcelona musician friends, clearly influenced his work and life. Such was his passion that he used to visit the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca on a daily basis to listen to the organ rehearsals.And it was at that time when he said: "I will ensure that my work emerges naturally, like a bird's song or the music of Mozart, without apparent effort, but meditated on at length and resolved from within ".

The book Miró&Music, which the artist's grandson presented on February 27 in our auditorium, is an emotional journey into Miró's relationship with the musical universe. It is the fruit of research that Punyet began twenty years ago when he discovered his grandfather's record collection,reflecting the intense love story that the artist had with music throughout his life.

Enter the world of Miró.