Fundación MAPFRE's 2016 Solidarity Market

Share from the Heart

Mercadillo Solidario Fundación MAPFRE Mercadillo Solidario Fundación MAPFRE

At Fundación MAPFRE we promote volunteer initiatives aimed at making a big impact and encouraging social transformation. Each of them fosters solidarity with people in need, who very often are closer to us than we imagine. Every year, amidst the cordiality of the Christmas season,  we all call to mind less fortunate families and people that we could help. It was for them that we started our Solidarity Market four years ago. Our objective is to give a voice and a space to organizations who run projects in order to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged.

This initiative is possible thanks to the participation of our Fundación MAPFRE volunteers and those of our collaborators, as well as the generosity and commitment of Fundación MAPFRE's employees, family members and suppliers who, beyond helping the needy, put their heart and soul into the organization of the event.

Make solidarity your gift this Christmas!

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#Share from the Heart

Share from the Heart goes beyond just a simple purchase. Every toy, garment, notepad or book amongst all the articles you buy will go much further, assisting and contributing so that families in conditions of genuine need can enjoy a better life.

Share from the Heart because your purchase has repercussions for others, and part of the gift is knowing what those repercussions are. Furthermore, your contribution is totally transparent: every collaborating organization will have its own stand, and you will be absolutely sure who you are buying from and where your money will go.

You should also Share from the Heart as in buying you are also giving yourself the gift of knowing you have done something good, kind-hearted in the best sense of the word, and important; because the world gets changed through a great many small but related gestures repeated over time

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Activity Program Activity Program

Activity Program

As well as browsing the charity stalls and enjoying the gourmet area, these are just some of the activities planned for our youngest visitors. There are a limited number of places available on each activity.

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Entidades colaboradoras Entidades colaboradoras


You will be buying directly from the collaborating organizations. That is the way we encourage transparency, in that the receipts are managed directly by them in the running of their shelters, soup kitchens, food and clothes banks and centers for social integration.

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