Raising #masdemilsonrisas

It's the small actions that improve the world

#MásdeMilSonrisas #MásdeMilSonrisas

The values of Fundación MAPFRE are focused on working as a team to improve people's lives. All of our efforts are directed at achieving that objective, which is why all of our profits are dedicated in their entirety to our solidarity projects. Additionally, we work on a daily basis to support non-profit organizations that share our vision of the world, making us grow as a platform capable of giving a voice to projects created to assist communities at risk of social exclusion.

Our Feria Solidaria is a reflection of our efforts to be involved in the success of solidarity projects. This year our slogan is #MásdeMilSonrisas (more than a thousand smiles), a phrase that defines our initiative and its purpose.

Last year, this event was once again a great success. We managed to raise over €30,000 and, for this new edition, we're going for the big time. Once again we will have back the collaborating organizations with which we identify ourselves selling their wares. And we will also have road safety activities that will amaze young and old alike. What's more, the gourmet zone will be much bigger this year with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.