S.O.S. Respira

Saving a life is in your hands

S.O.S. Respira S.O.S. Respira

At Fundación MAPFRE, November is the month for volunteer work. Under the slogan ¨Saving a life is in your hands” we are rolling out a variety of activities and getting together to reinforce the message of S.O.S. Respira.

Throughout this month a great deal of the social activities carried out by volunteers, all employees of Fundación MAPFRE, will be focused on informing the general public about guidelines for how to act in cases of choking, contributing to hotel and restaurants being safer should such an incident arise and reducing the number of deaths it causes and which can be avoided through simple maneuvers.

Awareness workshops will be held for educators, hoteliers, carers and the general public and information leaflets and posters will be distributed that summarize the most relevant action points.

Additionally, during the course of the campaign, the volunteers will present the free mobile app S.O.S.Respira, so that anybody can learn to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly through supporting videos and texts. 

“Saving a life is in your hands”. Learn something new.