Joint life insurance pricing using extended Marshall-...

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Artículos Artículos Joint life insurance pricing using extended Marshall- Olkin models - Gobbi, Fabio

Colección: Artículos

Título: Joint life insurance pricing using extended Marshall- Olkin models / Fabio Gobbi, Nikolai Kolev, Sabrina Mulinacci

Autor: Gobbi, Fabio Icono con lupa

Descripción física: 24 p.

Notas: Sumario: In this paper we suggest a modeling of joint life insurance pricing via Extended MarshallOlkin (EMO) models and related copulas. These models are based on the combination of two approaches: the absolutely continuous copula approach, where the copula is used to capture dependencies due to environmental factors shared by the two lives, and the classical MarshallOlkin model, where the association is given by accounting for a fatal event causing the simultaneous death of the two lives. New properties of the EMO model are established and applied to a sample of censored residual lifetimes of couples of insureds extracted from a data set of annuities contracts of a large Canadian life insurance company. Finally, some joint life insurance products are analyzed.

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