On the reform of solvency rules for insurance...

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Artículos Artículos On the reform of solvency rules for insurance undertakings in Europe : comments from the view point of the insurance... - Konrath, Norbert     http://www.genevaassociation.org/PDF/Geneva_papers_on_Risk_and_Insurance/GA1998_GP23(86)-Konrath.pdf

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Título: On the reform of solvency rules for insurance undertakings in Europe : comments from the view point of the insurance industry / by Norbert Konrath

Notas: Sumario: The present efforts to reform the solvency supervision of insurance undertakings in the European Union focus on the so called "SOLO-PLUS". The discussion about the reform has to be seen in light of developements in the financial service sector (banks, insurance undertakings, security firms), which is curretly marked by increasing competition, new products, the formation of groups and growing internationalization. As to insurance undertakings in the EU, this development has deliberately been encouraged by the Third Directives of 1992 launching the European Single Market whereby supervision of conditions and tariffs was largely abolished. The control of insurance undertakings is therefore basically financial supervicion with the following key areas: technical provisions, investments and own funds (solvability). The supervisoy authorities for insurance companies have not yet fully adapted to the new situation, but are nevertheless already asking for new "harmonized" legislation with three main objectives: better information of the supervisory authorities, tighter control of intragroup transactions and above all and high solvency requiement

Títulos secundarios: Título: The Geneva papers on risk and insurance

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http://www.genevaassociation.org/PDF/Geneva_papers_on_Risk_and_Insurance/GA1998_GP23(86)-Konrath.pdf http://www.genevaassociation.org/PDF/Geneva_papers_on_Risk_and_Insurance/GA1998_GP23(86)-Konrath.pdf

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