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Número 3 105 2004



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Courting the agents : property/casualty insurers are using technology and education to persuade independent agents to represent them
Always in the family : the years have been kind to Sobel Affiliates Inc., which has bucked consolidation to keep growing as a family-owned brokerage
A hard sell : insight : the solution to adding new producers may be to look outside the industry
Unfamiliar faces . who are the uninsured? Health insurers and policymarkers who know the answer are more likely to contribute to solving the problem
Know your company's "DNA" : insight : certain characteristics determine how a company responds to challenges, and once these are identified, the company can work to improve its performance
Information, please : insurers expect benefits and savings from a national health technology initiative
Bulking up : acquisition-hungry life insurers are fueling an uptick in consolidation, but there is debate over whether the next wave of buyers will want entire companies or selected books of business
Top life writers by admitted assets, United States 2003
A different set of rules : underwriting life insurance for applicants older than 75 requires fresh evaluations and new uses of old tools
Below the profit line : after 26 years, property/casualty's combined ratio may reach the profitable side of 1000
Top property/casualty writers by net premiums written, United States - 2003
EPL insurance : fortifying coverage : look for these six provision in writing an employment practices liability policy
The best defense : insight : carriers and the companies they insure must prepare for violence or disasters occurring in the workplace
Slow road, steady success : insight : the beauty of inland marine is the expectation of steady profitability, but it can be a long, tortuous journey
Life/Health corporate changes
Property/Casualty corporate changes
Converging efforts : insight : a risk-based regulatory model may be around the corner as insurers' compliance efforts come together with NAIC initiatives
Fast finance : with the help of investment banks, insurers are cooking up new reasons and ways to tap into the capital markets - and investors are gobbling up the offerings
Loss stoppers : alternative reinsurance designs can reduce some of the uncertainty surrounding terrorism
The power of the portal : Axa Financial's AXAonline and WebStation help nearly 125,000 users find information instantaneously
The case for outsourcing claims : outsourcing can be a wise move, but insurers need to look at their unique circumstances before taking this step
Getting tactical : insight : senior IT managers can use models as governing templates to enforce standards for quality and cost management