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Número 5 105 2004



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Making the grade : insurers are increasingly turning to organizations for hospital care and safety data to help prevent medical errors and encourage better-informed health-care decisions
Mixing up a better benefit : the 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Act offers a subsidy that can save employee-benefit plan costs. Declining the subsidy and save even more
Gaining ground : in the market-share race between fixed and variable products, insurers say sales are running nearly even
As good as it gets? : insight : hard work lies ahead if life insurers are to build on the foundation of recently improved results
A suitable choice : it is possible to judge objetively whether a given variable-annuity exchange is the right thing to do, based on possible future scenarios
Life marketplace
Cycling back : with the hard market ebbing excess and surplus carriers continue to grow their business in newly harder-to-place liabilities
Property/Casualty marketplace
Thinking it through : insight : in decisions concerning risk and insurance, it's essential to transcend a firm's limited experience
Loss/Risk management notes
Reliance : liquidation update : a liquidation update : a proposed $5 million settlement with employees will be heard Sept. 30
He didn't mean to do it : insight : itent is an issue that must be considered in coverage of claims in many contexts
The need for terrorism coverage : insight : there are fundamental constitutional and philosophical rationales for federal terrorism insurance
A Capital idea : ERC executive proposes a new method for pricing reinsurance
Toeing the line : health data, rate and form filing are insurers' top electronic compliance issues
One for all : safeco merged technology and business objetives to create a single Internet platform for pricing and underwriting multiple lines of business
Innovation imperative : successful chief information officers stay on top of their craft and stay connected electronically to leverage their time and resources
E-Fusion 2004 Conference Agenda
The perfect combination : planning is key to successfully integrating technology systems following a corporate merger or acquisition
Winning the IT telent war : insight : information technology is rebounding and increasing the competition for the best resources
Seeing red : infrared thermography can help settle water and mold damage claims faster and less expensively
Time for a makeover : competitors' ad spending forces InsWeb to rethink marketing strategy
A growing threat : insight : computer networks are increasingly vulnerable to catastrophic cyberrisk
Winning the Hispanic market Green, Meg P. 24-34
A test of strength : review the checklists and discover how to beef up group disability and life insurance sales results
In the neighborhood : insight : will small agencies go the way of mom-and-pop stores?