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Número 7 105 2004



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Building better health plans : insight : spending more time on research before launching a new health plan can lead to greater innovation and reduce expensive rework
Coming up roses : sales of voluntary insurance products at the work site continue to grow
Primed for growth : insight : health savings accounts, which offer many advantages over other consumer-driven health plans, are likely to gain momentum in 2005
Annuity patrol : regulators want new rules to protect investors from predatory sales of variable annuties. But insurers say the new rules are unnecessary and the approach is neither efficient nor sensible
Life marketplace
Home of the brave : even before four hurricanes hit Florida this year, homeowners insurers had tightened their underwriting along the coastline opening the market to excess and surplus writers and state-run pools
Homeowners multiple peril, top writers, United States - 2003
Howowners multiple peril, top writers by State - 2003
Probing to prevent loss : through nonprofit groups it helped form, the insurance industry has taken public its mission to build a safer world
Thinking prevention : insight : too often agents, brokers and even risk managers will use loss prevention only as an afterthought
Loss/Risk management notes
Be prepared : insurers need ways to monitor their operations and results so they don't fall apart amid the clamor for lower prices and better terms that comes with a soft market
Segueing into segments : certain marketplace realities of pricing, if ignored, could run a micro-segmentation juggernaut aground
Property/Casualty marketplace
Suiting up : when the top securities class-action law firm becomes two firms, D&O insurers could take a double hit
Adjusting the definition : insight : a court ruling maintains that a literal interpretation of the total disability clause would defeat the very purpose of own-occupation disability insurance
The view from rendez-vous : amid the maneuvering, the Monte Carlo gathering focused on hurricanes, ratings and discipline
Easing the way : the calculation of residential replacement value and management of risk in real time are tasks for new technology tools
The surviving few : only a handful of the online insurance-broker pioneers remain in a market that many left when the dot-com boom faded
Call to focus : insight : insurers focus on core insurance improvement to operate effectively and become attractive acquisition targets
A helping hand : as insurers work hard to make sure everything is ready to comply with various regulations, their IT departments also are playing a key role in meeting the challenge