ASIA INSURANCE REVIEW Número 5 - mayo 2012
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Publicacion: Asia insurance review

Número 5 - mayo 2012



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Asia Pacific insurers move ahead in turbulent times Malatskey, Jeff
Takaful operators still not tappind industrial and commercial sector Mahbob, Ismail
Asia's growing insurance law needs Ang, Benjamin
RSA focuses growth plans on international markets Contreras, Manuelita
Supply chain concerns spur focus on risk engineering Contreras, Manuelita
Insurers must manage risks better with more data and real information
Moves for regulatory reform make headway Contreras, Manuelita
General insurance : good years are still here Contreras, Manuelita p. 48-52
Life insurance : opportunities still abound Kai Lun, Seow p. 54-60
A New role for the next phase Kai Lun, Seow
Anti-money laundering and updates regarding insurance regulation Robins, Charlotte
Financial reporting, accounting update and challenges Sullivan, Lynda
A Big adjustmen Selden, Stuart
Data revolution in direct marketing Ang, Benjamin
The Regulator's eagle eye on bancassurance Kleiner, Andreas
The Winds of change in bancassurance in the asian giants Evans, Sam
Bancassurance : can it succeed in the future? Woolley, Stephen
The Classroom environment remains relevant in the age of digital economy Kam, Karine
Catastrophe risk managment : addressing the challenge on non-modelled perils Nunn, Paul p. 92-93
Severity-based critical illness : a product for now Matrundola, Jerome
A New dawn for motor insurance in China Guanjun, Jiang p. 98-100
Institutional carbon investments : the investment case for the low-carbon economy Sandhövel, Armin
Distribution drives all Aluise, Gary