Legal lessons following a busy cat season

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Artigos Artigos Legal lessons following a busy cat season - Wolf, Jason

Coleção: Artigos

Título: Legal lessons following a busy cat season / Jason Wolf

Autor: Wolf, Jason Icono con lupa

Notas: Sumario: Although June 1 marks the oficial start of hurricane season, insurers are still dealing with claims from Harvey, Irma and Maria, and scrambling to sort out the mess created in the storms' aftermath. The legal problems arising out of those windstorm claims will continue to bedevil adjusters for months, if not years, to come. Those in the C-Suite are working on big-picture and organic, company-wide changes to ensure that flaws in the way the storms were handled are smoothed over, and that best practices are in place for this storm season. Independent adjuster firms that experienced staffing shortages will need to reassess and retool before another round of storms. In the meantime, those handling the day-to-day activities in the wake of a catastrophe are figuring out how to do a better job with the existing storm claims and improve the process for the next time

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