The Cyber unknowns

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Artigos Artigos The Cyber unknowns

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Título: The Cyber unknowns

Notas: Sumario: Attacks on our computer systems present a serious problem. Every year the threats change and seem to grow worse. One year it's phishing, the next year it's ransomware. Denial-of-service attacks aren't new, but consucting them through the internet of things is a new twist. Much has been written about the new, emerging risk and the growing cyber insurance market. But as the rosks escalate, there's still much that insurers don't know. Cyber models are where natural catastrohe models were 20 years ago, loss information is inconsistent and unwelcome surprise may lurk in insurer¿s portfolios. Federal policy on cibersecurity is another question as the Trump administration begins to set course

Contém: Fill in the blanks -- The missing link -- On guard -- Cyber challenges -- sound of silence -- Ready to grow -- Close the gap -- Proceed with cuation -- The Unpredictable faces the unknown -- The (ciber) sharing economy

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