Lapse-and-reentry in variable annuities

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Artigos Artigos Lapse-and-reentry in variable annuities - Moenig, Thorsten

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Título: Lapse-and-reentry in variable annuities / Thorsten Moenig, Nan Zhu

Notas: Sumario: Section 1035 of the current U.S. tax code allows policyholders to exchange their variable annuity policy for a similar product while maintaining taxdeferred status. When the variable annuity contains a long-term guarantee, this "lapse-and-reentry" strategy allows the policyholder to potentially increase the value of the embedded guarantee. We show that for a return-ofpremium death benefit guarantee this is frequently optimal, which has severe repercussions for pricing. We analyze various policy features that may help mitigate the incentive to lapse and compare them regarding the insurer's average expense payments and their posttax utility to the policyholder. We find that a ratchet-type guarantee and a state-dependent fee structure best mitigate the lapse-and-reentry problem, outperforming the typical surrender schedule. Further, when accounting for proper tax treatment, the policyholder prefers a variable annuity with either of these three policy features over a comparable stock investment

Autores secundários: Zhu, Nan Icono con lupa

Outras classificações: 341.1

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