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Documentos eletrônicos Documentos eletrônicos Travel Insurance and Assistance in Latin America : market report (2019)

Coleção: Documentos eletrônicos

Título: Travel Insurance and Assistance in Latin America : market report

Publicação: London : Finaccord, 2019

Notas: Sumario: This report provides a comprehensive overview of six of this Latin America's most significant travel insurance and assistance markets, namely those of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It harnesses the results of Finaccord's extensive primary research into these markets - along with other financial and macroeconomic data - in order to provide a broad range of analyses in the following key areas: the underlying markets for foreign travel; the markets for stand-alone travel insurance and assistance; the distribution of stand-alone travel policies through significant travel trade, transportation and financial organisations, including consideration of the leading national and international providers. The report also analyses the distribution of travel insurance and assistance linked to payment cards and bank accounts, along with any other locally-relevant distribution channels (such as automotive clubs, direct sales, online aggregators and retailers).

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