BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 112 Número 2 - 2011
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Tomo 112 Número 2 - 2011



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Under Construction : Malaysia is creating the regulation framework that takaful insurance will need to grow Bjorheim, Kim
Against the odds : fears that the recession would drive up the incidence of disability claims proved unfounded for many carriers
Inside the tool box
New rules : Indi'as life premium growht is slowed by regulatory changes
Pointing the way : two new professional designations signal a change in direction for insurers and advisers
A Seat at the table : target markets is poised to become the latest player in specialty firm Berckenridge Insurance services' growing lineup
Designations for insurance and financial professionals : Best Review's annual listing of designations
Compliance as a cost driver : as the life settlement landscape deeps evolving, brokers and providers keep pace with regulatory growth
Recipes for disaster : countries prepare for castrophic events in sundry ways and the differences are instructive for insurers
Social entrepreneurs : three nonprofit insurers respond to marketplace
Standard operating procedure : a proposed merger of two accounting sets into one global system has insurers voicing concern
Read my lips : how plaintiffs behave at deposition can foretell how juries will react to their testimony at trial
Annual corporate changes 2010 : U.S. Life-health & property-casualty insurers
Backtrack in Brazil : European reinsurers and buyers fear the country is stepping away from its openmarket structure Pilla, David p. 39-40