ASIA INSURANCE REVIEW Número January - enero 2011
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Número January - enero 2011



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Life's president editorial : Hwang Soo Jin, a timeless advice
Then in 1991... and now Diekmann, Michael
AIR, 20 years young Liedtke, Patrick
Hopping into the year of the rabbit Mouat, Leslie J.
The World's strongest savers expect to pay own way through retirement Fried, David
Asia Pacific 2011 : opportunities in a competitive environment Arnoldussen, Ludger
Innovation and partnership in a changing risk landscape Parker, Martyn
AIR worldwide : Asia's cardinal need for quality data
Manulife Singapore : securing your future
Merkel international : building on strenght
India : country profile
India rendezvous special
Don't make the polar bears cry! : climate change
Nine billion people living well within the resource limits of the planet by 2050
Re-insurance as a strong supporter to climate change mitigation & adaptation
The Catlin arctic survey : why insurers should be in the forefront of environmental research
Working together to save our planet : The Geneva Association
Protect the heart of your facility from an attack : push for the pump. risk management feature
Disputed London market clauses : it must be english law in an English Court?
The Dynamics of global insurance regulation : should Asia care?
Non-life insurance : rising premiums but dificult profit
ERM risk management implementation
Taming the dragon : China focus
Strategies for managing technology through the cycle
Strategies for managing technology through the cycle : IT in insurance
The Next frontier : straight-through claim processing