The Use of annual mileage as a rating variable

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Articles Articles The Use of annual mileage as a rating variable - Lemaire, Jean

Collection: Articles

Title: The Use of annual mileage as a rating variable / Jean Lemaire, Sojung Carol Park, Kili C. Wang

Author: Lemaire, Jean Icono con lupa

Notes: Sumario: Auto insurance companies must adapt to ever-evolving regulations and technological progress. Several variables commonly used to predict accidents rates, such as gender and territory, are being questioned by regulators. Insurers are pressured to find new variables that predict accidents more accurately and are socially acceptable. Annual mileage seems an ideal candidate. The recent development in new technologies should induce insurance carriers to explore ways to introduce mileage-based insurance premiums. It was use the unique database of a major insurer in Taiwan to investigate whether annual mileage should be introduced as a rating variable in auto third-party liability insurance. It was find that annual mileage is an extremely powerful predictor of the number of claims at-fault.

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