RISK MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE Volumen 64 Número 8 - septiembre 2017
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Publicacion: Risk Management Magazine

Volumen 64 Número 8 - septiembre 2017



Title Author Pages
College captive offers hands-on experience McDonald, Caroline p. 6-9
Drone risks create new legal challenges Walsh, William H. p. 10-12
Safer work through predictive analytics Young, Carrie p. 16-17
Managing public sector auto risks Kostro, Susan p. 18-19
The Hunt for risk management's panda Bent, Andrew p. 22-25
The Psychology of risk Heires, Katherine p. 26-29
4 Key cyberrisk management questions for directors and officers Sarkar, Richik p. 31-34
5 Best practices for IoT Privacy Compliance Young Gottshall, Justine p. -14-15