INSURANCE POST Año 2019 Número 7 - julio
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Publicacion: Insurance post

Año 2019 Número 7 - julio


Title Author Pages
The Wild west of surveillance Croucher, Martin p. 4-6
Another disappointment? Kokoszka, Pamela p. 8-10
Dominic Clayden [entrevista al CEO de Motor insurers' bureau] Croucher, Martin p. 22-25
Tightening the noose Worsfold, David p. 27-30
A Responsible revolution Ridge, Paul p. 35-36
The Evolution of pricing Barrett, Sam p. 31-34
To what extent has hype turned into action? Frost, Jen p. 38-41
A Shift in commitment Hart, Valerie p. 42-45
Protect and survive Nicolson, Fiona p. 46-49
The Road to inclusion Friel, Martin p. 50-51
In search of trust Hughes, Ian p. 52-53