BEST'S REVIEW Número 2 104 2003
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Número 2 104 2003



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Little fish : buffeted by larger forces but anchored in their markets, small companies hold onto their place in a changing industry
Serving the underserved : Tuscarora-Wayne's small size allows for tighter coordination and a more personal touch
Finding value in size : fueled by an underwriting-profit culture and focused on niche markets such as motorcycle coverage, Pacific Specialty Insurance Co. competes with the industry's leaders
Honor, duty and life insurance : 5 Star Life Insurance Co. grows profitably by sticking to its mission of providing life insurance to the military and by finding niches elsewhere
A clear vision : USPlate Glass Insurance Co. covers windows for commercial buildings with speedy, personal service meaning curtains for its mostly uninterested competition
Changing roles : cross-selling agents who parlay property/casualty customers into buyers of life insurance and investment products find they are fortified against lower-cost competitors
MetLife P/C Companies Launch Cross-Selling Effort
Property/Casualty : Shaken and Stirred : energetic and energizing Joe Plumeri has spiked revenue growth and retired debt since being installed as the head of Willis Group Holdings in late 2000
Big changes expected from United States Operations
Learning by example
Executive stakes his retirement on willis stock
Cost Controller
Performance review : a distribution channel is an asset that may grow in value if its performance is continuously evaluated
Your move : insurers must weigh the potential depth and breadth of coverage before they allocate distribution resources
The yearlings : the largest of the Bermuda start-ups formed in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001, have already had an impact in the market
The Big Five
D&O recovery linked to realistic rate base : RIMS conference : reeling from the effects of corporate scandals, D&O insurers are tying rates to true risk
Corporate changes : the number of mergers increased in the property/casualty industry in 2002
Property/Casualty marketplace
Lifting the litigation : insight : as more companies go bankrupt, reform of the asbestos compensation system is needed
Loss/Risk management notes
Managing the invisible : insight : we shouldn't let accountants tell us what is valuable and what is not
Sticking to fundamentals : insight : the new terrorism insurance backstop is not a panacea
Annuities can be long-term solution : annuity conference : experts and study show, though viewed as a poor investment choice, annuities can protect retirees from the bear market
Corporate changes : the consolidation of the life/health industry continued in 2002
Advantages of partnership : insight : stop-loss carries and third-party administrators can add substantial value to employer clients when they work together
Life/Health marketplace
Enemy mine : insight : don't blame regulators; the misuse of sales gimmicks is the life industry's enemy
Third wave evolving : insight : a new, more responsive way of creating value and achieving growth is emerging within the insurance industry
Boder crossing : life insurance companies that have historically sold through banks in their own states look to other states' bankers organizations to help them expand distribution
Life sales at banks remain : low, but start to gain
Adding value : by offering free enhancements to work-site products, insurers can see sales grow
Revealing circumstances : new claims litigation software lowers total costs by streamlining the process and making it more transparent to insurers and lawyers
Real-time to the rescue : the evolution of real-time SEMCI is helping to improve agents' work flow