BEST'S REVIEW Número 4 104 2003
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Número 4 104 2003



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Food fright : potentially faced with a high tab for fast-food lawsuits insurers carve information about current litigation
My big fat lawsuit
Unsafe in any amount?
Behold the power of cheese - and chocolate and meat
The fat of the land
Process protection : armed with a boost form the federal courts, insurers are increasingly turning to patents to prevent competitors form copying proprietary business practices
Opportunity for option : opinion : insurers and consumers would benefit form an optional federal regulatory system that encourages market competition
Optional federal charter, state regs or somethings else
Preserve and improve : opinion : the insurance industry must battle the push for federal oversight while streamlining state regulations
Engineering success : FM Global has grown to become one of the largest commercial property writers in the world by relying on engineers and loss prevention instead of actuaries
Fighting fire with fire
Pioneers in risk management
Property/Casualty direct premiums written by line - 2002
Total auto, top writers - 2002
Commercial multiple peril, top writers - 2002
Homeowners multiple peril, top writers - 2002
Medical malpractice, top writers - 2002
Workers' compensation, top writers - 2002
Critical condition : the nursing shortage is sparking new interest in nurses' liability insurance and maybe higher prices
Calling all nurses : tackling the shortage
Property/Casualty marketplace
A private matter : insight : private business owners often overlook the need for directors and officers coverage
Loss/Risk management notes
Limiting the punishment : insight : after years of being the focus of proposed reforms, the court-imposed limit on punitive damages is significant for insurers
Membership squeeze : the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association still has the strong support of major life insurers, but its second round of membership renewals isn't as robust as the first
Waking tiger : with 59 million people online, China's e-commerce potential is enormous for insurers
Visionary sales : insight : sales managers must be able to lead their staffs toward fulfilling the company's vision
Life/health marketplace
Triage in teleunderwriting : insight : an underwriting system with new techniques can speed up the process and save insurers money
Technology notes
Knowing the blueprints : insight : managers need key, up-to-date information to make realtime decisions
Taking control : new kinds of health plans fight medical inflation by blending economic incentives with consumer choice
Purchasing power : life-settlement providers must overcome problems in underwriting, financing, marketing and perseverance to tap into a potentially huge market
Life settlements vs. viaticals
Experiencing technical difficulties : demand for information technology malpractice insurance is increasing as risks become more varied and pervasive